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Senecio pendulus    (syn  Klenia pendula)


Well you wanted weird ! I like to think of it as the cucumber plant sounds nicer!


The Inch Worm (Senecio pendulus) is a creeping cactus-like succulent with multi-coloured green stems and showy red blooms, belongs to the sunflower family.


Grey-green stems marbled in a pale green arch over and touch the soil where they root and send out new stems.  Stems often turn purplish in strong light. It is a dwarf,  forming prostrate mats up to 50 cm in diameter of slender, "cucumber" shaped stems recurved and re-entering the soil, only to re-emerge a few cm away in a repeating pattern!


Allow the soil to dry out between watering. Do not overwater or allow the plants to sit in water.


Best temperatures are 18-24°C, but  cooler temperatures even as low as 10°C in winter while the plant is dormant is okay. It does fine in average home humidity, but will thrive in slightly more humid environments like the kitchen or bathroom, or with the occasional misting.


Plant is from 5cm pot. Will be sent in a pot.


Plant displayed is an example of our stock you will not receive this exact one.


House plant - Succulent



UK  Grown not imported - I have a plant passport - all online plant sellers should have one. 




Senecio pendulus - Inch worm / Tape worm plant!


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