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Easy to care for trailing plant.


Plant is from  5cm pot. Will be sent in a pot. Well-rooted plant  *Cutting option available for you to grow.


Plant displayed is an example of our stock you will not recieve this exact one, but ver similar.


House plant - Succulent


Ceropegia Woodii is an evergreen succulent native to South Africa, with unique heart-shaped foliage that has made this plant be known also as a string of hearts.


Apart from its unique leaf shape, it has beautiful fleshy, gray-green leaves with an eye-catching pattern, and the thin, string-like vines have a distinctive purple shade that would make anyone fall in love with it.


One of the best things is that it's a long-lived and fast-growing plant,


UK  Grown not imported - I have a plant passport - all online plant sellers should have one. 



Ceropegia woodii(Trailing) String of Hearts 5cm pot/or cutting

PriceFrom £1.65

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