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House plant - Aloe Oik Hybrid Succulent.


Easy to care for.


Plant is from 5cm pot. Well-established plant. Will be sent with pot. 



This  beautiful bumpy Aloe 'Oik' is a dwarf aloe hybrid with fairly short, triangular, bluish to greenish leaves. Broad, often multi-pointed pinkish teeth on the margins,surface teeth are conical or merged to form raised dashes.. The word “oik," in its mildest connotation, is British slang for a rambunctious child. Reddish highlights develop when Aloe 'Oik' is given plenty of sun. Great in its own decorative 


UK Grown  - not imported - I have a plant passport - anybody selling online should have one. You will be given the plant passport details.


Aloe Oik Hybrid - Succulent


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